Hormozan Oil Co. has always been successful increasing its market share through innovation, strengthening customer relationships, smart hiring practices, and acquiring competitors, both domestically and internationally.

Thanks to benefiting the professional commercial team, we have customers in many Asian, African countries and far beyond.

Our international customers appreciate the high quality of our products and the reliability with which we master even complex logistical challenges. Much is handled in sea containers, but also bulk cargoes in vessels with the size of up to 10,000 MT.

We see ourselves not only as a bitumen manufacturer and supplier, but also as a service partner for the entire processing of export formalities.

Our customers also find us easily at the major international and domestic trade fairs, where we present new services and report on the latest developments from the company.

Hormozan Oil is a leading company on the Iranian Bitumen Market and one of the largest manufacturers & exporters of this material in Middle East.

Since its establishment in 2004, the operation of Hormozan Oil Co., has been closely related to the structures of Hormozan Group, which remains our sole shareholder.

The mission of Hormozan Oil, is innovative development in the area of the production, trading and distribution of Bitumen products of required quality standards which proves complete satisfaction for our customers.








One of the aims of Hormozan Oil is to attain the highest level of satisfaction among its Customers in a manner which would satisfy mutual expectations. The Company fulfils this objective by ensuring top quality standards with regards to the company management, production processes and services. Thanks to this and apart from supplying almost 15% of domestic bitumen needs, we are now the largest Bitumen manufacturer and exporter of the private sector in our country with the production capability and export capacity of more than 50,000 MT Bitumen in bulk, or packed in new steel drums, flexi tanks and jumbo bags.

Although the most demanding packaging of our esteemed customers is 180kg new steel drum, one of our competitive advantages is still delivering Bulk cargo as Hormozan Oil is able to load bulk vessels from different berthing points with a rate of 250MT/hr and beyond.

To cut a long story short, we are an innovative and dynamically developing enterprise that operates on the Middle East market of bitumen. The services we have introduced are based on reasonable and long-term actions; and the integrated management system enables us to determine the needs of our clients effectively and helps us do our business in a manner that has the least impact on the environment. We also have imposed requirements on ourselves that enable us to anticipate potential risks and determine our technical and economic potential.

To learn more about our Integrated production & export system, please see the materials available on our website.