Company Profile

Targeting production of different roofing and paving bitumen grades, “Hormozan Oil Company”, a division under “ Hormozan Industrial Group” was founded in 2004 and is in operation as one of the first independent reputable private companies ever established in Iran which manufactures and supplies bitumen products to the specialized roadwork and construction related companies both locally and internationally.

The company is one of the market leaders in the supply of a wide range of raw bitumen products, such as oxidized bitumen (blown bitumen)penetration-grade bitumen, and viscosity-grade bitumen to consumers worldwide. Our products have captured a substantial share of the market due to the high quality and reliability.

The various ranges of the company’s products are backed by ongoing research and development of our highly qualified staff, applying the experience gained over years in this industry which also supports company missions to provide its valued customers with products manufactured with the highest standards, offered with competitive prices and timely delivery, enabling them to build long lasting roads using high performance bitumen.

These notable activities are aimed at encouraging road authorities and contractors in building roads of the highest quality as we believe that a road network is the most strategic asset of every country.

Hormozan Oil is not excluded from the rest of the group companies for its concern and commitment to excellent quality in its products and services. In fact, this had been the major concern from its inception and the attitude to strive for quality and its capability to provide for all the needs such as equipment, raw material and finished products etc., to the construction and allied industry has made its product very popular.

Manufacturing plant of the company is located in a strategic location next to Bandar Abbas Oil Refinery (owned by National Iranian Oil Company,NIOC) and close to Shahid Rajaei Port, which is one of the main export harbors of the country.

The plant is consisted of two complete parallel blowing trains being fed by NIOC refinery through two separated pipelines, capable of manufacturing around 60,000 MT bitumen per month. We own an export terminal for bulk products in Rajaee port founded in 2020, consisting of eight storage tanks with total capacity of 21000 MT, able to load vessels berthing at two different jetties.

Hormozan Oil Company has been progressively increasing its commitment in the field of bitumen production technology throughout the years using considerable investment in research and development and its R&D department provides improvement in products quality according to market demand and high international standards.
Hormozan products give a high level of satisfaction to customers and meet or exceed the products quality, protection of environment and production in accordance with highest National and international standards and also is a ISO 9001, ISO  14001,  OHSAS 18001,  ISO  17025  and  ISO TS 16949 certified company.