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As an independent private manufacturer specialized in the field of bitumen industry ,Hormozan Oil Company was established and begun constructing its own bitumen blowing plant next to the Bandar Abbas Refinery , Located in west of Bandar Abbas port city , the major trading harbor of Iran.
Since the beginnings, Hormozan Oil based its strategy on following updated standard systems and utilized modern technologies for construction of it’s blowing plant and other facilities . Now with a modern blowing plant consisted of two parallel blowing columns and a modern control system, this company is able to produce various types of roofing and paving products, all of which are produced in compliance with international standards and approved by S.G.S and other inspecting companies.
The entire production lines are under supervision of experienced and professionally skilled staff and quality of the products is under sever supervision of Q.C. department, based on the results of daily and hourly laboratory tests.
The intake feed of the plant is mainly sourced from Bandar Abbas Refinery which is one of the modern oil refineries of the country and has the best primitive feed in the region. Due to these facts, the products of Hormozan Oil are all high quality products.
The strategic location of the plant in Bandar Abbas port facilitated export of the products and Hormozan oil products are exported to different countries across the world.





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