About Us

Hormzan Oil Development Company was established as an independent private unit in the field of producing all kinds of bitumen grades in 2013 and since the beginning of its activity, it has started to build a bitumen production unit in the vicinity of Bandar Abbas Refinery.

From the beginning, Hormzan Oil Development Company has put compliance with standards and the use of modern technologies for the construction of a bitumen unit at the top of its work, and now with an advanced process control system, it is able to produce all kinds of grades of construction and road construction bitumen in accordance with With national and international standards, all products have been quality approved by reputable inspection companies such as S.G.S.

All production lines of Hormzan Oil Development Company are under the supervision of expert and experienced engineers and experts, the quality of manufactured products is continuously checked by the quality control unit, and the basis of quality control of manufactured products is detailed and continuous tests that are carried out daily or hourly in the laboratory. This company is done.

The vacuum baton feed of the bitumen production unit is mainly supplied from the Bandar Abbas refinery, which provides the best feed needed by the bitumen units in the region.

Considering the strategic location of Hormzan Oil Development Company near Shahid Rajaei Wharf, and having a dedicated terminal in Shahid Rajaei Wharf, it has accelerated and facilitated exports to other countries.

Hormzan Oil Development Plant located in the northwest side of Bandar Abbas Oil Refinery Company (Bandar Abbas Refinery) has been operated in 2013 to produce various grades of bitumen.