The bitumen plant also utilizes a modern PLC control system which enables operators for adjustment of process parameters for better approach to the final desired characteristics. Final products are stored in suitable bitumen tanks and will be waiting to be sent to drum filling unit or truck loading arms.

Neutralization of pollutant gases which are generated due to the nature of the blowing process is done through plant’s incinerator with real time monitoring to respect environmental rules and reduce air pollution

Regarding the blowing process which is used in the cases that the entering feed has lower viscosity than the specified amount, production plant of Hormozan Oil is consisted of two parallel trains with a total capacity around 2000 tons/day for production of different paving and roofing bitumen grades according to the customer’s demands. Each train includes feed and product storage tanks, transfer pumps, blowing towers, air compressors, knock-out drums , heating equipment and all of the required utilities for the process.

Depends on the characteristics of the vacuum bottom feed and the required product specifications, we may use two different procedures for production in our plant:

  • Blending process using vacuum slops
  • Blowing of air into vacuum bottom feed in blowing reactors

The technology of blending the vacuum slops obtained in refinery distillation tower with vacuum bottom feed is one of the ways to achieve the bitumen properties such as softening point and penetration to figures which meet specific standards, especially when the entering feed has higher viscosities. Required equipment of this process includes feed and product storage tanks , in-line mixer , transfer pumps and heating equipment.

Research And Development

Since national standards have not been defined completely for many new products, a comprehensive method complying with international standards has been defined. As for the products in which international standards fail to satisfy domestic clients, the views of clients have largely been taken into consideration and necessary tests have been conducted

The Research and Development (R&D) department of the company was launched to centralize research activities and to direct them towards production. Better accountability to customer’s needs, diversion of products to comply with international standards, reducing environmental pollution, more communication and interacting with well-experienced staff are among the targets of the department.


We see ourselves not only as a bitumen manufacturer and supplier, but also as a service partner for the entire processing of export formalities. Our customers also find us easily at the major international and domestic trade fairs, where we present new services and report on the latest developments from the company. Hormozan Oil is a leading company on the Iranian Bitumen Market and one of the largest manufacturers & exporters of this material in Middle East. Since its establishment in 2004, the operation of Hormozan Oil Co., has been closely related to the structures of Hormozan Group, which remains our sole shareholder. The mission of Hormozan Oil, is innovative development in the area of the production, trading and distribution of Bitumen products of required quality standards which proves complete satisfaction for our customers

Hormozan Oil Co. has always been successful increasing its market share through innovation, strengthening customer relationships, smart hiring practices, and acquiring competitors, both domestically and internationally. Thanks to benefiting the professional commercial team, we have customers in many Asian, African countries and far beyond. Our international customers appreciate the high quality of our products and the reliability with which we master even complex logistical challenges. Much is handled in sea containers, but also bulk cargoes in vessels with the size of up to 10,000 MT.


This method of bitumen packaging is very common. The drum is made of cold-rolled steel in order to protect it against corrosion and is coated with rust-proof black painting. The drum is made in a frilled form to become more resistant. Here are the technical specifications of this packing:

Export Terminal

The strategic location of the bituminous unit of Hormzan Oil Development Company near Shahid Rajaei Bandar Abbas wharf, as well as the high quality of the company’s products in accordance with international standards, has made it
Most of the products of this company are exported. The facilities of this company in the export terminal include storage tanks equipped with heating coils, tanker unloading station, pumping equipment from the tanks to the ship.
Heating facilities and other tools are necessary.


The physical characteristics and nature of bituminous products, as well as the production capacity and volume of operations in Hermazan Oil Company, have doubled the need for coordination and precision in the process of transportation, storage, and transfer of materials and goods, and in this regard, logistics plays an essential role in this production company. exports and requires a full range of hardware and software facilities, which, due to the presence of experienced and experienced personnel, Hermazan Oil Company has always had strong and efficient logistics capabilities and is one of the strengths of this production and export complex. .