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As an independent private manufacturer specialized in the field of bitumen industry ,Hormozan Oil Company was established and begun constructing its own bitumen blowing plant next to the Bandar Abbas Refinery , Located in west of Bandar Abbas port city , the major trading harbor of Iran.
Since the beginnings, Hormozan Oil based its strategy on following updated standard systems and utilized modern technologies for construction of it’s blowing plant and other facilities . Now with a modern blowing plant consisted of two parallel blowing columns and a modern control system, this company is able to produce various types of roofing and paving products, all of which are produced in compliance with international standards and approved by S.G.S and other inspecting companies.
The entire production lines are under supervision of experienced and professionally skilled staff and quality of the products is under sever supervision of Q.C. department, based on the results of daily and hourly laboratory tests.
The intake feed of the plant is mainly sourced from Bandar Abbas Refinery which is one of the modern oil refineries of the country and has the best primitive feed in the region. Due to these facts, the products of Hormozan Oil are all high quality products.
The strategic location of the plant in Bandar Abbas port facilitated export of the products and Hormozan oil products are exported to different countries across the world.



Production Plant


The production plant of Hormozan Oil is consisted of two parallel trains for blowing of vacuum bottom with the total capacity of around 2000 tons/day for production of different grades of paving and roofing bitumen according to the customer’s demands.
The bitumen plant utilizes a modern PLC control system which enables operators for adjustment of process parameters for better approach to the final desired characteristics. Final products are stored in suitable bitumen tanks and will be waiting to be sent to drum filling unit or truck loading arms.
Neutralization of pollutant gases which are generated due to the nature of the blowing process is done through plant’s incinerator with real time monitoring to respect environmental rules and reduce air pollution.

QC–R & D Laboratory Unit

Hormozan Oilbitumen laboratory is well equipped for Quality Assurance (QA) tests as well as Research and development (R&D) programs to offer special services to different industries. Bitumen quality tests are run by rendering the latest technology according to the latest standards versions. We run the following tests:




Export Terminals



Strategic location of Hormozan Oil plant which is located near Bandar Abbas port in Persian Gulf, along with the quality of products which always meets international standards, facilitates export of company product and the majority of Hormozan Oil products are exported to  other countries across the world.

Hormozan oil facilities in export terminal is consisted of some storage tanks equipped with thermal coils, truck unloading station, pumping station for pumping from storage tanks to the ship, thermal oil package and other required equipment.

Drum Manufacturing

Drum manufacturing unit of Hormozan Oil is designed for production of 180 kg weighted bitumen barrels and is built in a 2000 m2 shed next to the blowing bitumen production plant. This unit is consisted of two parallel lines and the capacity of each line is 2500 pcs per day. Manufactured barrels are transferred to storage area after leakage test and painting.

Filling of manufactured barrels with bitumen is done using 3 moving arms in a 4000 m2 area. Bitumen which is produced in blowing columns is transferred to the main storage tanks and some of it is transferred to the smaller intermediate tanks and is used for filling of barrels using filling arms.



AS a dynamic and active organization,Hormozan oil Company has committed itself to achieve goals such as customer satisfaction, superior product quality to increase capacity of production plants and putting these items at the top of its agenda.
According to the current situation of country ,Hormozan oil company dose it’s best to achieve implementation of development goals, entrepreneurship, export to the different countries all over the world .
Hormozan oil company intends to create a glory future by incorporating the latest technologies and knowledge.
Hormozan oil Company has committed itself and dose it’s best to match the products with the latest version of global standards , meet domestic and foreign needs in terms of quantity and quality to accomplish firmer production based on economic power.

Commitment to Quality

Respect and commitment to customer’s interests , commitment to quality :

Hormozan oil company as a dynamic & pioneer organization has committed itself to produce all the products byincorporating modern technologies and latest version of standards. Goals such as customer satisfactions are at the top of its agenda and we always take advantages of Customer’s opinion.



Health and Safety



Hormozan oil management obligations for establishment of a safe and secure work environment, offering product and services which meets environmental considerations and increase of work hazards due to the increase of production activities causes the value and ranking of the safety issues to be promoted in the company and has an important role in promotion of efficiency and production rate.

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