At Hormozan Oil Company, we are dedicated to safety and reliability at every stage of the bitumen production stage, from blowing, to transport and delivery to the clients. Safe handling procedures are a vital component of this approach, ensuring that any risk to workers and members of the public is minimized. Our commitment to the safety of our employees remains a fundamental priority and we are ambitious in our approach to HSE affairs to have zero safety incidents.

Bitumen emissions at ambient temperature are negligible. However, the physical properties of bitumen require that handling and application is generally carried out at elevated temperature. Under these conditions emissions from bitumen can occur. Hormozan Oil places great importance on ensuring that occupational exposure of workers to emission from hot bitumen is minimized. Regarding the emissions of waste gas during blowing process, we have a project for construction of a new incinerator.

Hormozan Oil is committed to promoting industry-wide standards in health, safety and environmental practices. Our goal is to achieve continuous improvement in bitumen handling methods, transportation, storage and recycling practices through a range of activities and initiatives, including:

  • Producing and distributing good-practice solutions and codes of practice
  • Promoting safety and environmental standards
  • Reviewing equipment and engineering to ensure that safety best practice is maintained
  • Providing advice on legislative change in the areas of health, safety and environment
  • Review and interpret new research that addresses the health and safety aspects of working with bituminous materials